This application is the result of not my work only. There are many people who provided some support, made a contribution or just suggested some good idea. I want to thank them.

Annie Korol wife, adviser and photoshop expert link
Ben Lawrence first user and explorer ----
Yulia Melnik Ukrainian translator ----
Elisa Boscolo Italian translator ----
Gayane Astsaturyan Portuguese translator ----
Fan Zhang Chinese translator link
Sergey Semenov German translator ------
Robert Scott Japanese translator link

And of course thank you for usage of my program. It is a great pleasure to know that your application helps people to solve their problems, to improve some skills or to make them happy.

If you are native speaker of some language that still doesn't exist in interface language set, you can have an opportunity in translation and your name will be fixed forever in application and here.

Please use email to contact me directly.